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In the Event Sourced Rapid Application Development (ESRAD) research project I investigated an architecture to develop high quality, audit trailed web applications in a short timeframe.

Benefits of ESRAD (compared to traditional web application development) are:
  • Basic functionality of the application is available at the end of the first sprint (thus one or two weeks after the start of the project), as the first version of the application model can be developed and deployed immediately, while doing the first analysis and design.
  • The responsiveness of the application is immediate: when an end user clicks to navigate to a page or dialog, that page or dialog is shown immediately, thanks to an intelligent client cache (except for data that is configured to be lazily loaded).
  • Each change that a user makes to data is logged in an audit trail, so that the origin of all data can be found.
  • Each change to the data can be undone when needed.
The basics of the ESRAD architecture are explained on these webpages.