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The ESRAD application model contains several UML models, and describes among others:

  The data that is viewed and edited through the application, as a UML class diagram.
The business processes that are executed with the aid of the application, as UML activity diagrams.  
  The roles that users of the application can have, and their authorizations, as a CRUD matrix, and swimlanes in the business processes.
The user interface screens and their data bindings.  
  Navigation between these screens as screen flow diagrams, which are UML state machines.

A first version of the user interface can be derived automatically from the class model and CRUD matrix (and business processes, if any).
Later this user interface can be modified and tuned where needed, while the user interface is automatically adapted to changes in class model, CRUD matrix and business processes.

More information about the UML diagrams and the CRUD matrix that an application model consists of can be found in the book Inleiding UML (in Dutch).